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Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

Short and semi-sweet.

The intro tune is good and the story is above half decent, but you might want to pick a different name for the little sister (some are already familiar with Sora being a guy's name, so maybe add "na" or something to the end to make it more fitting to be a girl's name?) and more importantly, the artwork sucks (teacher with two pupils? not to mention the eyes of the main characters often being white or missing). Minigames with Game Over conditions could also be a fun addition.

I saw a review say you should have multiple paths for the story, but I say keep it linear so you don't have to have multiple episode 3s or something like The Sagittarian where there were so many story arcs that an already dead character was mistakenly allowed to live (Shane in Episode 3, Gambling Fever). On the other hand, if you think you can handle it and know you'd want to do it all (it would likely take loads longer though), multiple story arcs could be fun too.

It needs work, mostly on the art style, story, immersion. All this thing is a poorly colored point and click about some blue haired kid who basically is the stereotypical otaku hero. Doesn't pay attention in class, suddenly is thrown into a situation for him to be the hero, meets a cute girl and her friend and tries to survive. If you fix these things and make it so we can care for the characters then ya got yourself a game.

WELL..... i didnt saw the how to play at matches and now suck but its ok

A fun and quick flash game.

lol "probibly not the best idea"