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Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

its a fun game, but, i think need a bit more colors, also, how about some turns and ends?
decisions to make who realy afects the game play
nevertheless, nice game :D

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! I might try adding branches in episode 2!

i dont know if you got this ideea from Highschool OF the Dead but it sure looks simple and interactive but you could always improve for instance you can try adding some more movement scenes and insted of reading the things you can try bit of voice acting you did a great job but i think you can do better

Liked the art (it's a little rough, but it has a minimalist flair to it). Music was fine. Liked the interactive elements - although they do really need a timer or fail element to them... (seems weird to have interactive elements that you CAN'T fail at - I didn't say it needed to be hard - just possible to fail ;)) Shame the story so far is textbook (nothing new here). Hopefully it gets more interesting in the next episode.

Well, this was one weird game. All I had to do was just keep on clicking over and over. It really was more than that. The minigames were easy, but it's that 50 point medal that gets you off. I will probably never get it. I doubt I'd even want to!

All the medals but one is good enough for me. The music was quite good as well. The drawings were very nice. It was hard to even lose in this. Yeah, I would recommend it.

What a great game! I'm in love with the story! I'll for sure play the others!!!

(I'm seeing you, Kira!!!)

JackAstral responds:

Make sure to play season 2 too : )