Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

I don't usually give bad reviews. All of my reviews are generated arbitrarily.
So, as an arbiter, how would you judge a submission that has beautiful music, wonderful artwork, and crappy controls and user interface.
(I am not a GameMaster, nor any person involved in ANY game currently live at this time.)
The number one aspect of a game is control. This game would have had a landslide more of votes if it was, and propagated more user control.

And I am hooked.
really like your drawing style.

This for me is a very enjoyable game!

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LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the cliches makes it imposible to enjoy, sry.

Heheh, reminds me of Highschool of the Dead, (Kind of good) Which I kinda liked. I thought the game was fun and amzing. Nice job devolping!