Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

I don't know why everyone is so uptight about the controls. I liked em. simple, and not too fast for those of us with dyspraxia-type issues.

loved this! MOARRRR. gonna go play the rest. hell you even inspired me to come up with another name and story idea. but I am not in that writing place right now, sadly- try as I might, it just won't COME. IM DYIN HERE.

staying up watching anime and falling asleep in class...story of my life.......SAO

HeHe, I love the name of that achievement. "Fire starter"...

On the part where you have to charge up your hit to hit the zombie with the bat i would be clicking and then it wouldn't work at a certain point and I couldn't continue :(

i can see these being around on ng for years to come.