Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

I really enjoyed the artwork! The characters were defined, and I liked how the "gameplay" made me feel like I was playing a comic strip (or manga, as it were). I just found out about you through a comment on another game by a different author, and I look forward to playing more of your work :D

(Also, "I am Kira" XD )

JackAstral responds:

< 3

lol "probibly not the best idea"

D.D - Episode 1

it was funny xD cool 5 stars

Likely one of my favourite story games here on NG. The characters are all designed with unique colours, and although their personalities are pretty generic to that of characters from a harem anime, it still helps to loosen up the tensions in a way. My first impression when I saw Naomi burst in to save the guy was that she was a Yandere with that baseball bat, ha ha...