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Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

I love pink hair anyway.

Ill try not to be an ass here.... so ill start apologysing myself for whats next

I KNOW its a flash game and it is inteded in this case to be silly and comic.... yet i think you overdid it a bit.

The art is..almsot as awfull as an stickman game( some of those at least have some background images) i mean whith just like 10 secs you could have avoid them all having blurry dead eyes...

the history is crappy (as you described yourself) yet i gotta admit i laughted every few seconds.

the background music was gonna make me comiy suicide...so freaking repetitive and out of context whith the actions...

About the "minigames"....they are fine, since they are not minigames but scenes...yet i warn you the matches box have a bug...i literally moved the match backwards to see if it turned on and it did...not sure if you wanna fix that
anyway i hope not to offend you and i encourage you to kee this saga..just polish it a litle..please!

The game is awesome, the story is great, the humours are there. the minigames could use a little work. theres the storyline. all of those things seem to build up of what its called a great game and I'm looking right at it. as an aspiring game maker freshman student, this is one of the little things that inspire me. all in all it may be a game that not everyone needs but a game that everyone deserves

Quite a great game and I'll love to see the rest of the story but the "minigames" aren't so great. It'll be nice if you made them a bit more challenging.

This Game IS AWESOME! I like it 08jackt