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Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

The art is lazy but I'll let it pass as it's not bad to look at. The gameplay was the worst part. I don't really enjoy pressing buttons just to progress the story. The story is most important so you can focus on that but I want to play a game, not just read it.

It was very short and I don't know why you couldn't have the entire story in a single game. Maybe it will be really long but wouldn't it be better to have the entire game in a single game.

Well, this was one weird game. All I had to do was just keep on clicking over and over. It really was more than that. The minigames were easy, but it's that 50 point medal that gets you off. I will probably never get it. I doubt I'd even want to!

All the medals but one is good enough for me. The music was quite good as well. The drawings were very nice. It was hard to even lose in this. Yeah, I would recommend it.

Ah, it's a series! Really digging the story, the sketchy anime imagery, entertaining dialog, and the occasional minigames thrown into the mix. It's simple, it's quick to play and there's plenty of variation both in story and events. Looking forward to the next ep!


Short and semi-sweet.

The intro tune is good and the story is above half decent, but you might want to pick a different name for the little sister (some are already familiar with Sora being a guy's name, so maybe add "na" or something to the end to make it more fitting to be a girl's name?) and more importantly, the artwork sucks (teacher with two pupils? not to mention the eyes of the main characters often being white or missing). Minigames with Game Over conditions could also be a fun addition.

I saw a review say you should have multiple paths for the story, but I say keep it linear so you don't have to have multiple episode 3s or something like The Sagittarian where there were so many story arcs that an already dead character was mistakenly allowed to live (Shane in Episode 3, Gambling Fever). On the other hand, if you think you can handle it and know you'd want to do it all (it would likely take loads longer though), multiple story arcs could be fun too.

I really like the idea you have going here. It'd be nice if there were some more challenges for the player to have to overcome. Totally looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for the good time!!