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Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

*cough* bottom left corner *cough*

i looked atthe hint for finding the coin, and i found it , knew it had to be new the start lol

This is honestly one of the worst flash "games" I have ever seen on the front page. The artwork is ugly, the story is genenric, the humor is all just anime references (I don't think I can even call them references) and "this is a video game" jokes, and this isn't even a game. there is no way to lose, there are no choices that impact the game at all, and what little "gameplay" there is just something that even I could make in a few hours.

JackAstral responds:

Ouch. Thanks for giving it a go anyway

Cant find the golden button.

I really liked this game.
Fun and short.
A great game for before bed. Thanks for making it!