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Reviews for "Dead Detention #1"

Lovin this <3

While the art may not be up to snuff I do like the interactive story telling

I like the illustration, I like the music, and I like the anime references. The concept is good, but kind of lacking a little something......imo, this game would be about a hundred million times better if you were to work in a 'chose your path' feature into it - think the Walking Dead games, or those really old Goose bumps books where you had to choose the next page to flip to. Or Dragon Age Inquisition. You could think a lot of things.

For instance, a really great bifurcation point for the story would be to give the player a choice when the pink haired girl wants to go to the cafeteria, and the protagonist wants to go to the nurse station - how about giving us the choice about how to proceed, and then changing the story/outcome of the game based on that??

I guess since this is a trilogy, the only way you could really make it work is by changing the progression through the game, but not the ending. That way all players could start out in the same spot in the next version - and maybe the final installment of the game, players could choose their own ending (: Now that would be a spicy game.

I understand if that's too much of a hassle for this little project, but just a suggestion. As it is now, I feel like the game is just a bit too static, although it does have lots of personality, which I love.

i digging this im off to play part2! interesting game

This was nice, short but good game. Love it <3 5/5