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Reviews for "Glorkian Warrior"

Honestly, I miss the Dino Run aesthetic, but this is still really fun! I'll totally buy it when it comes out on Android :)

This is a great and faithful taster of the full game (dead cheap btw) and gets to the point. Jump spitters. Collect crackers. Unleash the power of the flarf gun (oh wait, that's the full game). Shoot stuff without dying (much). Simple, cute, and worth playing. And buying as well. Beware the Magic Robot!

Probably the most fun Space Invaders inspired game I've played so far! Love the creative graphics, the fun walking animation/dialog sound/talking backpack/power-up voices and everything. It's a real surge of imaginative entertainment. And the gameplay's addicting. Keep it going!


Great game, own it on iOS and still play it for my morning and even commutes.
Good music, art, design, and game play. Fun retro experience.

A lot of trips were necessary to make this game, therefore I approve.