Reviews for "Bio Dome Escape"

The corridor and toilets reminded me of the Amazing Escape the School game. The music sounded familiar, too. There were only two locks to solve and four coins to find. To me, it's a short and easy episode. A bag of soil was found and left unused.

In the next episode, I might need to crack the password of the computer or find a wrench to turn on the water taps.

And yea, the fourth badge didn't work for me.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks, the badge should work now.

Great game but i can't find the last quarter. So i tried your walkthrough and the video isn't working so I'm stuck.

selfdefiant responds:

Fixed it! Thanks!

Well constructed point and click adventure! Math was my friend all along.

having trouble with the code for the green and yellow containers

This reminds me of the escape the 13th floor game...