Reviews for "Bio Dome Escape"

cool! though when I tried to clear my game data to start over, the game glitched and died while the music played. so I had to refresh the browser in order to play the game fresh.

Good, but a lot of work for a salad and a soda. Of course being in a bio dome is probably the most boring experience, unless you are a scientist.

Didn't particularly like this. The premise had potential but you squandered your opportunity to do something different from every other point-and-click because the end product still felt bland and uninspired anyway.

The puzzles aren't difficult and really, I mean it earnestly when I say normally I'm not very good at solving them. So I was surprised to be flying through them at a fairly steady pace. That is, when I wasn't busy dicking around looking for quarters and keys. I'll give you points for at least making the solutions logical even though they all involved point-and-click stock items.

The energy and health bars were pretty pointless. All the energy bar did was interrupt my box-carrying so I had to go and eat a salad. And I know part of the premise of the game is that I have to ~survive~ but really, it didn't feel that way at all. There was no feeling of urgency. No protagonist to whine into my ear about how hungry they are. Just "You do not have the energy to move this box."

I'm annoyed that nothing was done with the bio-dome setting either. The area I'm allowed to explore could be replaced with a school or a lab, two common escape game settings. In fact, I don't think there's any real indication of where I am other than the author comments, the title and the Congratulations! screen. The music adds nothing either because it's weirdly intense compared to the bland backgrounds that have been drawn up for this game.

My last gripe is this whole "This is part 1 of a 5 part series!" thing. What's even the point when you have nothing interesting on the table? There's no real story, characters or flavourful text here and by the end of the episode I feel as though I've accomplished nothing so there's not even the excuse of giving the player a breather. There's no reason for this to not have been its own simple self-contained game and it almost feels like spam.

If this had been your first game I'd easily boost up the rating a little bit. But I know you've made quite a number of these so 2 stars.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! it's ok, it got daily first. :)

Nice game. It was brilliant in it's simplicity. Congrats.

I LOVE playing these games..practically played all of them and by far can't seem to get enough. Can't wait to play 2-5!!