Reviews for "Undercover Bear"

Good work for a 72 hour game. Beware the Undercover Bear.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

i love the child when i said i was a house and she climbed in my mouth. then i said i didnt think that would actually work! nom

LOL! crazy game man!

I admit that this was quite fun. It helps that I could actually get far with this game. It was great to be able to eat people. The medals didn't show up on screen, though. Maybe that's why they're secret... I appreciate all the drawings.

While not too memorable, it was fun. The voices you had were fun. Bears are just cool. I guess it was unpredictable. Even the name is cool.

There's something that just feels right to me about being a bear with a fancy suit on. It gets at desire of mine to be both extremely hairy and extremely wealthy. Although this assumes that this bear has a sufficient source of income in order to afford the suit let alone the time, money, and patience to get it tailor fit to bear size and the patience necessary to find a tailor who he didn't want to eat and was fluent in the language of bear growls.

Technicalities aside, this game is pretty damn good. The situations were unique and it was fun to go through the bear eating options and see what works. It's sort of amazing to me that even though the profiles were all done in pencil that they don't look sloppy and were detailed enough to have distinct facial features. It gives off something of a homemade feel to the whole thing that works really well within the constraints of the game jam this game was made in.

The only thing that keeps this game from being perfect is its length. It's rather short. I know it was for a game jam but I'd really like to see this concept be expanded upon. Have some new people to eat and some more fun situations like eating the president or government official (I suggest governmental themes because I have the perfect title for the level. "Political NOM-gotiations" or "How A Bear Becomes A Law"). The pencil visual style even though nice and provides a very homemade feel, only really works within the constraints of the 72 hour game jam because of the lack of artistic assets available. Expanding upon the concept could mean a lot more in the visual department (like the advent of color!) making everything look dynamic and amazing. Just as amazing as the title suggests.

Overall, this game is amazing and it left me wanting a lot more.