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Reviews for "Halloween Dawning"


kinda remind me of runescape music. 9/10 because it's way too short

Very nice!

I don't rate many songs, but this one struck me. 0:20 to 0:30 reminds me of something I might have heard in some Final Fantasy game. I would love to hear an entire song built from this kind of theme.


very soothing and ralaxing......

Deja Vu

Had I not clicked "View All" in the "Heard in # Entries!" window I'd have been here all day, wondering just where in Hades I'd heard this before. Well, I loved it in Pumpkin Remover and I still love it now. Great atmosphere, great rhythm, it's just the kind of tune you know is superb when you hear the first beat. Keep it up! ^_^



Sounds sorta like that part in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time when you're in toad town.