Reviews for "Collective"

very cool and instesting concept. Keep it up bschnur!

bschnur responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

A very intersting game. The more I played it, the more I liked it; The music was perfect. Would've like perhaps a medal or 2, but other than that really cool game. Can't help feeling like there's a great story behind it that could've been integrated into the game.

bschnur responds:

Dialogue sequences and found messages were originally planned, and I agree that they could add some depth.

On the other hand - not to excuse the lack of story elements - I think there is something to the combination of dark humor and shallow plot we ended up with.

The more I played it the more i liked it. The early levels could easily be brute forced but the later ones were much more clever.

Sooo many lives lost in the completion of each level! :O I love the idea. It starts off simple, but once you can't simply run right forward, again and again, on the same spot or multiple, to reach the goal... it becomes more of a puzzle. The idea feels somewhat unique, and the gameplay itself is great, simple and efficient. What would make it even better: medals. ;) Keep up the good work!


fun little game, maybe a mute button since the sounds are repeative.

the controls are soemtimes hard for hitboxes, like when falling and pressing a button its nano second work to get it or not. same with jumping, soemtimes he jsut doenst jump if you alrdy press forward.
a mute button makes a 4 star to 4.5 and a small bit improvement of controls makes it a full 5:)