Reviews for "Collective"

Really great game! I just wish it was longer so I could keep playing lol.

Sooo many lives lost in the completion of each level! :O I love the idea. It starts off simple, but once you can't simply run right forward, again and again, on the same spot or multiple, to reach the goal... it becomes more of a puzzle. The idea feels somewhat unique, and the gameplay itself is great, simple and efficient. What would make it even better: medals. ;) Keep up the good work!


this is a good game with a intersting concept i do have 2 downsides

1.it could have been a litttle more difficult right now it was way too easy

2. it could have been a little bit longer

i am looking forward to seeing more of your work

utterly bad.. is what I would say, if I hated the game, but I don't, PaladinOfKnowledge said what needed to be said unfortunately, but it does feel like an "instant classic" game

a very unique and enjoyable take on the using your former avatar to win genre (does it have a name?) the puzzle aspect to this one was a lot more in depth than most. i applaud you sir