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Reviews for "Jumping Heart"

Its really nice mate

The humble beginnings of Wombat :)

Cute game, shit jumping :)

This game seems inspired by the sad life of a man battling addictions of alcohol and pills to the point his mind conjures up an entirely new realm filled with nothing but that plus a little frustration. Pretty decent. I liked the music.

If you really made this in less than a day, you must have an innate talent for game designing. I haven't met this kind of concept yet, and you can be sure that I play lots of platform games on Newgrounds and elsewhere. In my opinion, this one deserves to be continued and improved even more than your other game I've reviewed yesterday.

StuffedWombat responds:

yea, i didnt sleep at all, but it was about 23h..
Thanks again! (also for remembering me ^^)
I am already working on the next game, but ill make a new version after that.
EDIT: I just looked through my games and realised how many projects I abandoned for concepts that seemed more interestening to me. Well, I guess i'll never continue this thing :)

The game really needs explanation of what to do and what are the points of every object in the game. I just grabbed 2 beers on one level and shrunk, the pills dont seem to have value...a little description would be nice.

StuffedWombat responds:

I guess i got all worked up in my project, spend such an intensive time with it that i just thought everyone else would understand it as i do. Sorry fpr watsing your time ^^
I will update the explanation.