Reviews for "Natural Selection 2"

This Game Is Pretty Awesome Gamezhero :)

Awwwww this is so cute and fun! 5/5!

Surprisingly addicting and a very fun way of moving around. My only complaint is the fly on the front screen is all cute, and then you're supposed to go kill them all!

Esy wins..bra

Make the 3rd one of the natural selection series! it needs the music! plus same graphics
Music in the 3rd one:
Main title: Route 1 pokemon anime
Start level: Forest friend area
And it needs a boss fight, witch is the queen bee and she can be defeated by using the rocks.
Also, it needs a grabing action to kill the boss.
You can only use pulls to grab rocks.
There 30 levels and 10 lady bugs to save! just like in spiters annihilation 2! you have to save all of the kittens before you beat the game! DO YOU DARE TO EXEPT MY CHALLANGE?
Oh! and 1 more thing. In the pulls, you can have the maximum of 9 pulls! just like in drop dead 3!