Reviews for "Natural Selection 2"

This is a fun game, but the spider should be able to get some revenge on those annoying bees. Maybe some bug spray or something.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

I found this game to just be okay. I couldn't really understand how it was unique. Well, it was kind of interesting. I think it was a bit too easy. I shouldn't really be saying that, because with the enemies, it was really hard. I got the first medal at least!

The music is pretty good. I don't like it how you just have to touch the flies to take them out. The graphics didn't seem like anything too special either. There wasn't anything wrong with it. I just found it kind of dull.

Nasty Nasty bee :)


that was really fun! i've enjoyed myself too much. :D

Surprisingly addicting and a very fun way of moving around. My only complaint is the fly on the front screen is all cute, and then you're supposed to go kill them all!