Reviews for "CLAP 3 - Pictograms"

That was good! Got talent.

As a Chinese guy with rusty Mandarin, this was hilarious. As a lazy American, this was funny. top notch stuff

Awesome, yet I was sad you didn't make jokes about Haiku's being original chinese and that the japanese stole them. Or all the dialects and accents they have in China. Still, it was great anyway, and I laughed when I heard the swearing hahaha! I do know some basic chinese. (worked in a chinese restaurant) Anyway, chinese isn't that hard, I think Polish or Russian is way worse to learn.

Good stuff Ricepirate! All your content is gold.

That accent. :) And you didn't even give me time to answer. haha. wrong!

不錯 , 我喜歡 .