Reviews for "CLAP 3 - Pictograms"

well..as a Chinese myself..there are some problems..
the chinese dragon is not the kind of dragon as the picture and for"有趣的事实" ..有趣means "interesting" and the "have"means “有”...
well,the pronouciation(wtf spelling) does sound like a chinese speaking english LOL
well,if there is any problem with chinese ,and if anyone needs help,contact me though "wechat" an app broadly used in china and my number is 1261553675 named徐某。

I've always LOVE these CLAP videos they're so freakin hilarious.

I fucking love this. Words can't even explain how much I love this. Definitely one of the best movies I have seen on NG. Never have I laughed this much with any other animation.
The voice acting was top notch. The background music gave it the perfect ''classroom'' effect. The jokes were extremely well done. Even the credits music was perfect!
All in all an extremely enjoyable clip. 5/5 10/10 Any rating you want to give this, it takes the top score!
I will definitely be sharing this masterpiece and will be expectant for C.L.A.P 4.
Great work RicePirate!

It's very funny and "informative" xD

I love it. I love it! I love it! lol