Reviews for "Intruder CT 2X"

need only a bigger window thats all i have witch is a problem.

highly polished, very realistic and requires tactics.
in fact i wonder does the maker have experience serving the DEA or the army or SWAT? as this is such a good representation of real life law enforcement and its mortality rate and level of risk.

Very good. I want to see this game like a online shooter. Without bots.

Wow I found an easteregg. I started yet again and I was level 9999 (but couldnt use higher level weps)
And my character was like... Uhm It had strange spiky feet, white and red lines. Werid lookin and hard to explain. But yeh. Weird. Also I couldn't spawn.

But anyways still love this game!

mmankt responds:

max level is 50 so i think something bugged out;)

pls add a multiplayer