Reviews for "Intruder CT 2X"

i can't get that problem on chrome i love this game fucking 100,000,000/5 man i got on lv 50 in one day

This game is really great. An update where you can add more realism or interact with more objects. i dunno your choice. I will never rate a game low cause i know people work hard to make it. I like this game keep up the good work. I Rate this 5 Stars B)


My achievements aren't unlocking... otherwise, awesome game. Runs very well on my old PC with standard parts.

mmankt responds:

strange, are you logged in while playing?

Intruder CT 2X is pretty cool so far. Better graphics, and a leveling system (Sadly no multiplayer). Most of the enemy AI got upgraded. Brewer now kicks butt. :I