Reviews for "Intruder CT 2X"

great game. how do i edit the goal in free play?

I would give this 5 star, but the problem from the last game still hasn't been fixed for me, my controls break in the middle on the game so I constantly die, does anybody know how to fix this???

This is an excellent sequel to the first game. The gameplay is finely tuned from the first. The graphics are great with detailed environments and particle effects are stunning. The large selection of weapon is awesome and i like the fact that they have different stats to them making them feel dynamic from eachother. Overall i really enjoyed this game and im looking forward to new content in the future. Amazing job mate.

WTF? My game started, and my player level was 999 and my player name was "PLAYER NAME LOL LOL", I tried to ignore it. But when I got in a free play game my camera was at some spawn point and wouldn't change. Half a star.

mmankt responds:

what browser are you using

I like this game. Decent sequel, but it doesn't add much as far as core game play goes. The new rolling method is comfortable and not a complete pain in the ass to use. Graphics and sound are better.

Like the first game, the controls are slow and sluggish. Reminds me of games like Blackthorne, which is not a good thing.

Overall, it's a superior sequel that still retains the first game's flaws.