Reviews for "Intruder CT 2X"

What this game needs in terms of customization of characters is: Woman looking soldiers... I mean seriously its like a sausage fest...

And maybe an actual storyline where you through missions shooting random bad guys until you get to the end... And maybe also add some alien mode or zombie mode or some sort of survival modes, that would be great!

But overall a pretty good game.

I hate a problem at the very beginning. I had problems with starting the game, I fixed it by moving the cursor out of the screen also I the camera wasn't followingm my character and the bot didn't spawn. Help please?

mmankt responds:

get the latest flash player

highly polished, very realistic and requires tactics.
in fact i wonder does the maker have experience serving the DEA or the army or SWAT? as this is such a good representation of real life law enforcement and its mortality rate and level of risk.

This is a great game. The only issue I really have with it is that the guns are frustrating and unrealistic. The bullets are slow and drop a lot; the way they behave slows down the game.

Amazing work. Truly inspiring.

Gah.. makes me want to create a game in a similar style. At least combat-wise. Very, very good game and I appreciate all of the particles and effects. Beautiful game.

- Eric, ESP Animation

mmankt responds:

thanks, now get to work!