Reviews for "Intruder CT 2X"

4 years ago i commented here saying it's a terrible game compared to the first one, after rating 1 star.
No clue what was i thinking.
Awesome game, LOVED the gun game mode (reminded me of strike force heroes). The one thing that bugged me though was the customize system... a bit annoying. Other than that - Amazing!

Good game!

This game got the badass out of me, I had fun throwing bombs, headshotting and just slaughtering noobs.

I also find the best camping technique, go to the Bunker map, play with 2 players, and go to the right corner of the map, into the small Bunker. Shoot randomly at your left (sometimes I get a random kill haha) and when your enemy is coming from the ladders, shoot him.

Overall, this Flash game looks like it's from a next-gen console!

easy game. random headshots, fails - i love this 8)

p.s please multiplayer

awesome game dude ! would love to see this type with cartoon charecters cause i can only get to lvl 7 and i got bored of detail

Man best game ever i see my skin from scp game.
Positive thing:
-Good skins and good game play.
Negative thing:
-Add more wepons lvl and maps a im almost forget more skins i have a nice skin if you want contact me later.