Reviews for "Intruder CT 2X"

Intruder CT 1 is better

Extremely impressive presentation and gameplay. However its full of technical problems, some that are game breaking. In a 6 player game, the performance drops drastically, possibly due to the AI players having access to explosive weapons. On top of that, the GLM (which is a very useful weapon in theory) becomes a pain to play with as it causes lots of lag. I've turned off most of the graphical settings but it just seems that Flash Player just isn't suitable for this amount of things to be happening at once.

I found the running to be unintuitive, would have been much better to hold SHIFT rather than toggling. Also in mission mode, losing an elimination game gives you the bonus xp anyway.

The best part of this game is the gunplay and progression. The gameplay isn't spectacular but it's an improvement of the previous game, and it's a well-made sequel.

este es el mejor juego del mundo

pls add a multiplayer