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Reviews for "ºMystery Gameº"


it was good pretty hard though


I love puzzles and riddles and stuff such as this. MAKE MORE IT ROXORS


A bit easy!
And the osama one is B O T O M ,that was my favorite because it was the only difficult one,couldnt have made it without the help!
Do make mroe!

Great Game!!!

1.Found this one instantly :)
2.This one took me about 5 min. to find out
3.Another I found instantly
4.On this one I couldn't tell. All of the circles were exactly the same. I had to click all of the circles.
5.Got it in a flash
6.Woah your right! This isn't for stupid people! This took me a half hour to figure out! I noticed that one didn't have another circle the same length as others did. Great job on this one!
7.Got this right off the bat.Good thing i didn't get the insult you put for the wrong answer ^_^.
8.Took me a while. I noticed that when I clicked "hint" the R moved!
9.I had to use "tab" to find it
10.Ah, sneaky one!
11.WTF? The square was the same!
12.Had to zoom in.
13.There was no button
14.The hint gave it away

Good game but too easy

u know people could just hit tab and then they hit the place where the tab button marked and they instantly beat a level