Reviews for "Epic Pizza Quest 64"

Hey, The Graphics are N64 and the platform is good but the problem is the jumping physics is really "Floaty" lol

The movement feels a bit off, but altogether this has the potential to become a great game.

This game reminds me a lot of Kiwi 64, another Unity game in 64 style. Apart from the similarities in title, it also has a spiraling tree and certain platformer similarities, though there are no doubt also differences too. Overall, it feels this world has somewhat less to offer. It feels a bit square and limited, even if it is a full-blown 3D world with one major motive to strive for. The one enemy that falls to the ground is a thankful one too, as you can't restart manually, so it's good to have that enemy to run into if you fall from the tree and want to restart up there.

The jumps, at first, seemed way too high, though while traversing the branches I'm thankful for the height as it lets you aim in on each (incredibly thin!) branch before you land. Overall it feels like a faun game, even if the platform distances, widths etc don't really feel optimal, it's more of a one-challenge one-reward type game, not one I'd like to play over and over. And the main character does look somewhat bland. Keep it going though!


Not a bad platformer. I'll say this for the controls though: the pickup/use functions needs to be something more accessible to the left hand, like the LEFT SHIFT or F keys so the user isn't reaching across the keyboard to use the K key, take all players into account, some people have smaller hands than others, etc etc

I see that you have good intentions with this game, the graphics are fairly nice and you have interesting missions. However, a big drawback is playing this game using a trackpad vs. a mouse. The camera view was nearly impossible to control with the trackpad, as it moved in quite unexpected ways.

AidenStudios responds:

I am working to fix this problem with an option to switch the camera control in-game. You will be able to change it to Q and E, along with lock the camera behind the player. Thanks !