Reviews for "Zombie Incursion"


Like everything except last level it is a survival stage and yet you still put up stars like you can actually beat it and it only has the swat guys and the regular zombies what about all the other zombies that had to be fought. Put all the zombies fought including the bosses and survival stage would be more interesting and remove the stars if it is a survival stage just have a score that you can submit or something might be good for that too. Oh and one final thing should have a power meter on the weapons to show how much more powerful one weapon is compared to another. Overall good first game.

A nice looking game, but way too many annoying things to be enjoyable. There are a lot of these games, and this one has done nothing to stand out.


1> I couldn't change weapons during a round. Sure, it's unlimited ammo, but why bother having different weapons if they don't have certain advantages over others? Instead, it was just a case of ignore the chainsaw (really? for a zombie game?) because other than completing level 4, it was totally useless.

2> The mech was fun, but why doesn't it have any armour? The bullet didn't penetrate the armour or even the windshield. Why am I hit?

3> Speaking of hit detection, if you're going to pretend it's a 3D game, don't make hit detection 2D.

4> Why do I have crosshairs when I can't aim? I can only shoot left or right (however, melee zombies can hit you even if you're standing behind them, so that makes sense that they don't bother to turn around to attack)

5> It's melee (or mêlée), not melle

6> I completed the game before I even got the machine gun, so I ended up repeating level 14 (79 zombies) 7 times just to get that quest completed. Grinding!

7> BTW, name your weapons. Machine gun is a very loose term. I had to flick back and forth comparing pictures to figure out which machine gun you were talking about.

8> You know what levels would've been good for grinding? The mech levels. But they don't start until you're in the mech and you can't get out.

9> So I finally finish all the quests (hooray! an extra $200 for upgrading all the guns, that'll come in handy!) and level 16 isn't even mentioned, you've just added another tiny level indicator just above the logo in the corner (just when I was about to rage quit).

10> And the last level is just a survival stage, which, since you can only get after you have every upgrade, is a complete bore.

Things I liked that stood out and were original: destroying the UFO.

A really slick and addicting game! The graphics, gibs and everything are great, and it has a few entertaining upgrades too. Apart from medals to match those achievements, it has it all. Nice work!


its ok for a laststand knockoff