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Reviews for "Journey fan animation"

For me it was clear that it was multiple guys because one of them had a white cloak. Also people tend to behave recognizably different, the game is really good at interaction even without speech.
Like, some people would play around and run in circles and swing while walking, others would be more reserved or quiet.
Nice animation, by the way, it's very close to the beauty of the real game.

Love the style and animation! This is sorta Twilight Zone.

I don't know about the video game this is about. But this animation was beautiful. I loved how you rendered the scenes. I don't know how you did it but I'd like to learn. The only part I would say needs improvement would be when the two guys slide down the sand at 2:18... The character seems to glide. I would push the character's lean back a little more, as if he were balancing. Also, around 1:29 when they are climbing the tower. I would use a camera pan up, instead of a fade like you have it. That is all I can criticize. This is a really beautiful piece and deserves 5 stars hands down.

~The Review Guru

You have truly captured the essence of Journey multiplayer. Beautiful.

Ahh, good ol' Journey.
Always help whenever i'm stressed out.