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Reviews for "Journey fan animation"

I haven't played it but now I shall... Thanks for the awesome animation!

Nice, really nice.
Inspired to play the game.

Awww, that was kinda sad at the end. (But the ending was funny).

I love the game, i've played it over and over, but i'm still playing it once in a while..just for the feeling.
The best feeling in the whole game is when you complete your journey with just one true friend that doesn't leave you, who's helpful and takes his time, communicates with you and can almost understand you...and at the and, sits besides you on the top of the mountain, taking a break and gives you a feeling of joy, friendship and maybe even makes a symbol in the snow, like a heart... the first time i finished the game with one person only...this all happened and i nearly cried a bit, because it felt so emotional...i think i'll go on another Journey tonight...great vid man... i hope there will be a second Journey.. thumbs up.

I can understand why you didnt put in the actual end not to spoil anything, and yes i had that too with multiple guys, this is really a experience, not a game. its something that you have to have ventured through atleast once in your life. Its a piece of timeless art. And this beautiful movie honors it perfectly.