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Reviews for "That's my Bowz"

Unique, hilarious, and silly. I liked it.

I loved it! The animation was a bit choppy, but the idea is really cool!

Also great music. Just overall a good movie.

Jaja, so cool
And the final, WHAT THA?!
Mario will forget Bowser just because Giga Bowser Jr. D: (XD)

Bowser and Bowser Jr. must be dreaming if defeating Mario were that easy, but they make a fun, if not exemplary, father and son pair. After all, it is rare to see these two interact as father and son. The only video that comes closest to this is a recent flash featuring Bowser Jr. running around wildly before his father lets him ride on his back, likely to pursue Mario, but it comes nowhere close to displaying this heartwarming side of Bowser and his son.

Viewing #47: I'm still humming the song.