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Reviews for "That's my Bowz"

I cried

Reminds me of the recently renewed bond between me and my dad.

Bowser and Bowser Jr. must be dreaming if defeating Mario were that easy, but they make a fun, if not exemplary, father and son pair. After all, it is rare to see these two interact as father and son. The only video that comes closest to this is a recent flash featuring Bowser Jr. running around wildly before his father lets him ride on his back, likely to pursue Mario, but it comes nowhere close to displaying this heartwarming side of Bowser and his son.

Nice Video showing us the Family life of Bowser . Both Father and Son love the Mario Bros Games. amazing duo of Koopa Family that share good moments together .

Interesting Bowser share only with 1 son cause Bowser has several sons and daughters 7 more sons . Good Video that teach us a good family life without violence , good parenting and good memories from we fans consider Bowser now the coolest villain of Nintendo . Good job guys

Aww.. Such a good dad/son duo...