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Reviews for "Moonkid"

This game is so awesome, I replayed it 3 times just to see what's gonna happen to parents, 2 brothers and grandma with a nephew. I think it's great that you can follow whoever you want. The end is so sad because crazy grandma killed one of the brothers. Either way, this is going to my favourites list :)

The simplicity, the peace, the story is as beautiful as the moon itself. Be proud whoever made this :)

I like how the story goes. It really enjoys me how I played it like making jokes. Gr8 game m8!

Professor M. Jora ... Clever.

Now, the moon is crying and tells Drifter exactly what's about to happen, so why is he just digging at the end? And what was with the "Aztec Artifact" and Eugene's backup plan?

Is that truly the end, and Eugene was just in denial/happily spending his last few moments with his brother, or is there more to the story? Clearly the moon didn't impact at the initial Game Over, because the Drifter is still digging, but at the moment of impact he's managed to get far away from Ashfield and watch from the hill.

Could the Game Over be because our character died somehow before the impact? Perhaps a building collapse? Or am I just overanalyzing the situation?

Either way, beautiful story (even if it's clearly an homage to Majora), but enough loose ends that there could potentially be a sequel... just maybe from someone else's point of view.

good i loved the story