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Reviews for "Moonkid"

What a beautifull story. Loved the music too.

this was very touching


This story is just ..... beautiful. Various characters all with their own stories and there problems. Your dad's obsession with his garden yet loves his family. Your mom that wants attention from your dad. Shaggy a guy who is put down for his interest and Is unlike his father (probably a hunter). Gretchen is ungrateful woman who sees Shaggy is pathetic compared to his father. The brothers Eugene and Josh , where Eugene wants to be accepted by his popular and jock brother. And the mysterious drifter who foresaw the events unfold. In the end Your family comes together in their final moments, The brothers connect while looting a dinner for everyone but unfortunately, Eugene fatally shot by Gretchen and Josh weeps over his dying brother.

You could have put this game on steam if you wanted. Yet another indie game that tells a story and conveys emotions better than AAA titles. Keep on going.

Interesting story, and I really like that you can go wherever you want and see whoever you want. I have to admit, i was expecting to find an Ocarina and play the song of time to go back to dawn of the first day...