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Reviews for "Moonkid"

WTF?? That's not even a game!!! The few things you interact with are useless and everything is pretty much automatic... I would've asked "why not make an animated short of this", but the storyline makes absolutely no sense at all... No clue on what the idea behind this "game" was...

I absolutely loved this game; I've not a single piece of criticism. I liked how you could follow around so many different perspectives, and see through the eyes of so many people. Beautiful story line. The ending left me wanting more. Good work, kid :)

amazing concept, it reminds me of a game called 'The last express'. It would be cool if there was more interactivity and you can change the course of the story in multiple ways, leading to a different ending depending on what you do, kind of like tree branch storytelling, but honestly this is really good.

I just don't understand the drifter. How did he know? Why is he diging a hole in the middle of the town in the end? How does he watch for afar in the credits scene?

This was beautiful! You can make this game a big project, please continue it! The story was really interesting and all the characters have their own stories, all with their problems. I never saw something like this! Thank you for create this masterpiece!!!