Reviews for "Moonkid"

It was... mind changing. At the end I felt heart warming-ness, and many other emotions I can't explain. It's an amazing game.. this made my night.

Amazing, Fantastic, Absolutely a must play. I played through 3-4 times to look around in everyones houses and stuff, I think the game is really amazingly served-- the "delivery" mechanism of the animation, the kid you move around serves as a point of focus i know, but i like how it also gives you a bit more information or dialogue when you interact with people, though i really wish there was some sort of secret ending where the kid ends up being able to save everyone or something... I ended up crying 5 times or so as the story uncovered... Anyways, Must play, 10/10.

Pretty good

Nooo.... I want to save everyone... anyone... Only one ending.(
Anyway, I liked the game. 5 stars to you.

Great game, really fun exploring this place and seeing all the stories play out and how they flow in between each other. And it really tugs on the felz. This game is one of the smarter games on this website that I've come across and i respected that. Keep up the great work.