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Reviews for "Moonkid"

(If you know what I mean...)


It was... mind changing. At the end I felt heart warming-ness, and many other emotions I can't explain. It's an amazing game.. this made my night.

Amazing, Fantastic, Absolutely a must play. I played through 3-4 times to look around in everyones houses and stuff, I think the game is really amazingly served-- the "delivery" mechanism of the animation, the kid you move around serves as a point of focus i know, but i like how it also gives you a bit more information or dialogue when you interact with people, though i really wish there was some sort of secret ending where the kid ends up being able to save everyone or something... I ended up crying 5 times or so as the story uncovered... Anyways, Must play, 10/10.

Pretty good

Nooo.... I want to save everyone... anyone... Only one ending.(
Anyway, I liked the game. 5 stars to you.