Reviews for "Wormhole Invaders"

I like the beat while I shoot my way through. Cool graphics and great gameplay.
Simple controls and straight to the point.

Controls to speed up or slow down would be pretty neat, with a base speed you can't go under, useful for getting past long stretches quicker and dodging obstacles you can't really time in. Overall the game is awesome though, the colors and effects, obstacles and power-ups, it's futuristic and funky, and though it gets a bit dizzying swirling in circles if you want to easily shoot all foes, it was a real trip to play. Nice work!


Not too bad of a game but I wish you could speed up....

On a side note the noise when you recharge on the green reminds me of a time my own worm hole was invaded...

Too flashy for my taste + there is too much happening on the screen

ZionPlay responds:

Hi! There is an option in "settings" that allows you to shutdown some of the glitter. Maybe it helps!

Really nice game! I love the retro/neon style, and the game is quite fun. Got my vote :)