Reviews for "Wormhole Invaders"

You have a marvellous and addicting game here but there are some critical game design flaws that are really holding back this game .

Make walls and instant death objects obvious. Iv come across orange walls, thinking they would give me a boost, only to die instantly to them. In games like this colour is important, you have let the player know Blue, Green and Orange are good colours that give positive effects, dont go confusing them by making it kill you. This would not be so bad if it was an attempt to fool the player, but the fact that colour walls were not added into the tutorial makes it something that will kill the player the first time playing. it would be best to make walls one type of colour or have them themed per level. having the colour indicate the shape is fairly wasted, the load distance is not so far that this would make a difference.

Weapon power is not proportional to its level. As far as I can tell all enemies (apart from bosses) die from 1 hit, so the power up from 1-2 is not very significant. power 3 is easily the most useful and powerful upgrade as it gives the player 3 directions of attack and while 4 and 5 sorta do this as well, they are much slower and far more inconsistent. in a game this fast it does not help to have to guess or wait for the weapon arc to reach where you want it to be. upgrades should go 1, 2, 4, 5, 3 as that is how they rank in terms of usefulness.

enemy bullets! out of everything in the game enemy bullets are the smallest and have the lowest contrast compared to everything else. they are difficult to see and sometimes even the hardest things to dodge. bullets, particularly those which do so much damage need to be big if not incredibly bright and stand out the most. The player cant dodge them if they can barely see them next to the bright and flashing enemies on the screen.

While knowing how many points and enemy nets you, when an enemy dies their explosion + the points value display tends to blind the player in that direction, easily brighting out and outright blocking the visibility of enemy bullets or the blocks behind them.....maybe make the deaths less flashy?

Shield is nearly a completely useless power up. its rare and only lasts for a handful of seconds, instead it should act much like the weapon power up in bars, additionally it should not expire on its own and should instead only disappear when an appropriate amount of damage it taken. if not, allow the player the choice in its use. As mentioned, give the player a shield bar of how many charges it can hold, on a press of a button a shield is activated for either a time period or until enough damage is taken before it dissipates. As they stand now, they could be removed from the game with little influence on the gameplay.

It maybe just me but the hitbox seems a little large at times. in a game like this, particularly due to the speed, its best to have the hitbox slightly smaller than what the player expects, this gives them a little more wiggle room and makes small mistakes a little more forgiving. not to say the game should be forgiving, but due to the short load distance and constantly increasing speed, small mistakes should not be punishable to instant death.

I rarely login or comment....but this game is so close to being a gem I couldnt help it. many games are like this, but few get it so close to getting it right as this one has!

ZionPlay responds:

Thank you for your detailed feedback! We're currently working on improvements, including some of those you mentioned.
There is however one thing you can already do: you can go to "settings" and disable the "points" display!

You should make some sort of code for the things in the game, it's really unclear what's going to harm you and what will have a positive effect.

ZionPlay responds:

There is an option in the main menu that walks you through the game elements.
Press <tutorial> on the main menu!

This game is great. It's fun and it's a great concept. This is what I come to Newgrounds for. This exact thing.

Oh and what did you use for the voice effects? Please say it was Audacity. And if it was, how can I do it?

this game is so addictive!!!!!

old school fun. i enjoyed it.