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Reviews for "Infernoplex"

Nice but...

Checked out the page, not bad at all. also i have most of ur songs, whic is good too. i like this one, since u added come guitar, as well. when u kinda scramble with the guitar in the middle of the song... with the beats that u put and mixed into it... sounded ok, but knowing ur skills, you can make it sound better. just a good thought fron a very good fan ^^ take care dimrain


Infernoplex? Sounds like i'm in a outerspace oblivion-like chamber...

Yay guitar!

Really nice song! I especially loved the guitar solo 2:45 minutes in. Thank you for your awesome music.


All your music is fantastic, I'm sooo impressed of your work, It's just impossible^^


Well, it took me a while, but I'm going to finally review this thing.
When you announced that you were going to make an effort to master your songs, this certainly was a step in the right direction. Song is great, but the guitar that ends up coming in is just awesome. Very well thought out, and a treat to listen to, every time.