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Reviews for "Gogo Tomago Speedpaint"

and here i am.... only using my shitty art skills to photoshop report cards for $20...... god i love ripping off stupid people.....

anyways, this is amazing. im not just saying that because i love asses.... the amount of time it must of took to shade this must'of sucked..... that was what made me give up art shite. good on you, sir/ma'm.

I think someone might be trying to steal this but I can't tell. Nice work btw


This is a link to what looks exactly like this

Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that booty :3

Now that's art!!!!!!!!!
The degree of shading and color blending really made quite the astonishing image.
No to mention, I'm so looking forward to seeing that movie.

nice work shad