Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

Good game worth the time I spent playing it. Would have liked a skill tree instead of the pick one of the six... but all in all good job.

Awesome game, fun game play. However there are issues with some skills/items, for instance, Quick Quiver does not seem stack with Blue Pills and there is no indication of this in the Skills description.

Pretty fun game. Just a little too easy to get that 5th star. I only had someone die in battle three times. Always just one person, and one was because I accidentally rested my melee guy on his extra turn when one more attack would have finished off the nearby zombie. And of course, that zombie killed him that turn. But that was my carelessness. I DO think that the start position of each wave should be unlimited. After all, you seem to have a brief rest/preparation period where you can go to the merchant and upgrade. So surely you would be able to set yourself up in whatever formation you want before the zombies arrive. Not a huge deal for me since my melee guy had the blue pills and had the extra turn so I could get him to the front, but it is something to think about.

It would be very nice if this game had an "Undo" button. Many time have I moved a character by mistake or where I didn't want that person to go, and I couldn't take the move back.

I thought it was fun, as most people have as well. I was surprised when it ended, so I'm casting my vote for "wish it was longer." But for me, that's more of a compliment than a complaint.

My biggest gripe is the multiple endings. It doesn't seem like the endings vary enough to warrant another playthrough. Maybe after some time, I'll come back and get the other ones.

I used blue pills on the ninja mostly, and used the lumberjack to scavenge everytime. I only lost the healer once, and never lost completely. So it would appear that a tougher challenge might be needed :).