Reviews for "Zombie Tactics"

Very good games! Not to long, not to easy or difficult, just perfect.

A great zombie survival game. The music really set the mood for the whole thing. The moves for each character were very inspired and they made sense. I enjoyed the fact that the merchant's items were priced decently and that I earned a worth wile amount of coins after every battle. I also liked that the merchant and trainer exchange dialogue with the main characters throughout the game's story. What perplexes me the most is that it seems like the Athlete can hear pretty well, but can't speak. I wonder why that is.

make a sequel with a better ending please

Play this. Over an hour of turn based tactics. Fun and not to taxing. Most items have tier upgrading. Choices are also a factor. A sequel for sure. Actually an app with more length and story line would bank. I personally put the blue pills on the ninja. Just goes to show you, this has replay value. Everyone has a different tactic and that is a clear sign of a fun game.

This game is awesome, the mixing of ideas and the characters are very nice, i just missed some hotkeys to not use the mouse so much