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Reviews for "Slippery Shower"

Well, what did i just watch? That was insanity. Perfect, insanity. Bravo.

Wonderful animation!

Some of the reviews below say the ending was some kind of overkill. Perhaps nobody noticed that there was actually a point to the shark eating her arm off... it was because they were busted by the BF, and so the two tried to act natural to play it off. What are sharks known for doing, usually? Eating people, I guess. As it seems to me, TwistedGrim didn't just say "hey let's just make the shark eat her for fun", it was with purpose.

A lot of people a bit unhappy with the ending, but it is TwistedGrim we're talking baout here. To be honest I expected blood right after the bif twist, so props for fooling me.

it WOULD have been funnier for more people if you ended a couple seconds earlier, but I fould It amusing.

Perfect. Just awesome. That animation is just wonderful. The ending got me.