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Reviews for "Slippery Shower"

You could have ended this 30 seconds in and it would have had the same impact. The ending was pointless. Also, what happened to artists being thankful for making front page instead of promoting themselves in the Author Comments? I mean seriously it's been a month.

The art was great, and the animation was just so smooth. Loved it.

The art style was very animeesq (it's my word I called it) and I always like scream takes. The plot (as much as a plot there was) didn't deviate at all from the title and the ending was beast (XD) in all seriousness though, it was funny, short, sweet and drawn very well. If I was a teacher I would give it an A+.

This is funny as lol

The whale killed a person for Christ's sake......... but he's adorable!!! Also, dem boobs!