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Reviews for "Slippery Shower"

Absolutely pointless. I love it!!

I give you some points for animation, but everything else is just way too pointless. It's like I think of something simple and I make it to be an animation, like: boy finds a ketchup bottle laying on his floor, and then he picks it up, but then someone comes inside of that same room and gives that boy a mustard bottle and takes that ketchup bottle away, and says thanks, and boy is just watching that mustard bottle like "so this is my fate" or such. It wasn't hard to come up, and it surely isn't hard to make. I'm not going to prove that this is a fact since I have much valuable time than animating something that I didn't put any effort on thinking my animation idea.
was this suppose to be funny or cute or both? I only say that your style is somewhat cute but this was not funny really. It was silly in positive way I guess but it didn't make ME smile.

Well, I'm not surprised with grims beautiful animation... :D

Awesome short is awesome. The fact it features Lyle is a plus. The pleases me greatly.

still think showering with sharks is cool? if you see a shark in your shower go tell a grown up first!

also great work i love your animation style and the crazy endings you never see comming.