Reviews for "Chompy"

You inspire me dude :')

GuyUngerNL responds:

that means a lot 0: )

Pretty Awesome Game :D

So cute ;D I like it also the music is a lot like DK might even be from a soundtrack who knows but anyways nice game I like the way it looks ^_^

This game just makes you feel like a bad ass. Fun, not to hard and the music is a nice touch ^^ DK all the way baby.

Sweet game. It all works together brilliantly - the energetic music, the cute art and fluid animation, the snappy mechanics (no pun intended), and the great level design with its finely-adjusted difficulty curve. I like how the Gold times are always challenging at first yet never out of reach of a reasonably dedicated player, too - keeps the game fun.

Just two small bugs. First: after the game pauses upon losing focus, when unpausing, the music sometimes gets stuck, with the same short segment repeating ad nauseam. The only way to fix this is to reload the Flash file.

And second: I actually got the "Pro Speedrunner" medal the first time I passed level 30, without having gotten Gold on that level. (My first passing time was 40.5 seconds.) FWIW I had Gold on all the other levels, perhaps it had to do with that.

Neither is a big issue, so all in all you get a well-deserved 5/5!