Reviews for "Chompy"

This was made on my birthday! YAY!!!! (No seriously today is my birthday)

GuyUngerNL responds:

happy birthday! <:D

All i can say is wow. the controls are super tight and the gameplay is fin and challenging, id say this is better than any mario game.

Man, this looks extremely professional and cool. The music is also awesome. I had a blast!

best platform

Wow i'm actually mad this lags so much for me because this looks G R E A T. good sound design, good graphics, good music, fluid animations (i think the bad framerate and laggyness is my computers fault)

i'm actually pretty blown away rn, i haven't played a newgrounds game in almost a year and it makes me happy that something THIS GOOD is also FREE

definitly one of the best and most impressive games i've ever seen on this site

GuyUngerNL responds:

Thanks! That's great to hear ^^