Reviews for "Chompy"

This game is literally unplayable for me.

Laggy as hell, very poor performance for such an minimalistic game.
The first 28 Levels were way too easy and the last too were so laggy that I died like 50 times from not being able to jump.. Sorry but I'm really bored by this.

It would be great if the medals actually worked. I played up until level 10 and I only had medals for level 1 and level 7. That really needs to be fixed and I should not have to replay all of those levels just to get those medals. Also the shakiness of the whole game needs to go. The shaking/flashing gold counter bar is just awful. The combination of shaking and flashing can cause someone like me to have a seizure. The white flashing lights at the ends of the levels and the restart screens are like that as well. There really should be a warning at the beginning of the game to let people who can easily have seizures know that this might not be a safe game to play.

GuyUngerNL responds:

the seizure warning is a good idea
medals do work but you only get them if you earn gold time, for which you have to beat the level in a certain amount of time.
screenshake can be toned down if you go to menu (p or esc)

Too Hard

Not officially rating, just saying game doesn't work for me. Works up until after cutscene, where he says LETS GO!!! and then nothing but the quality bar and more games bar. If i right click play, i can get a cockadoodle doo too. But no game.